Clinical Dermatology
Sun damage

Sun damaged skin might first notice just fine wrinkle or two, may be a brown patch of skin or a profusion of new freckles. It progresses to more wrinkles that are deeper, darker spots, rough skin texture, and enlarged pores. Your skin has changed, gotten older-looking and seems to progressively look worse. The ultraviolet (UV) light is the cause of most of the changes that we consider to be aging of the skin. Chronic photo damage, either from direct sun exposure or from tanning booth, results in either cosmetic change in the skin appearance called photo aging or changes that are of medical and health concerns.

Dr.Natt Clinic offers different types of treatments, lasers and medicine creams to cure, prevent and restore your skin from sun damage.

HF Repair
Gentle Peel
Mask (Whitening, Caviar, Gold, Acne)