Ramdan skin tips

Dr Natt Clinic would like to introduce some tips to keep your skin healthy during Ramadan.Due to fasting, your skin could become depleted vitamins and minerals also getting skin dehydration.

But you can supply your skin by using the leave-on mask cream which contain Red Algae that help promote deep hydration, such as Dr Natt’s Intensive Mask Cream for morning time and Dr Natt’s Sleeping Mask Cream for night time it will protect skin from the invisible aging-fatigue, stress, pollution and diminish sign of aging. Moreover, some multiple steps treatment can revitalizing your skin more deeply. For example, Dr Natt Signature Facial performs 6 steps to smoothen, brighten, rejuvenate skin and hydrates your skin. It will reducing uneven skin tone problems also the dark spot and big pore.

More information please consult with professional doctor.